When heavy fighting erupted, the rifleman could dive into a foxhole, but when “Medic!" was screamed out, the medic had to go out into the hail of gunfire or shelling at the risk of his own life for others. Day and night they faced casualties, their own exhaustion, and broken men. Day in, day out, they were armed with the heartbreaking task of caring for broken bodies and shattered nerves, all while trying to be cheerful as their own emotions were packed solid in a bully full of tied up guts; all the time wondering when their own number would be up. The combat medic was one of the most dangerous jobs in the infantry, and in most cases the only protection he carried was his medical flag.



Interviewer: Who’s your celebrity crush right now?

Luke: Michael Clifford

Michael: Your mum

Michael: Sorry.. *giggles*

Calum: Mine will always be Mariah Carey 

Ashton: Mine is Kelly Rowland today 

Michael: *Still giggly about his joke*

Luke: *Starts giggling with Michael*

Michael: *full out laughs* That was a really good joke

Interviewer: *Tries to change topic*

Michael: Your mum sorry *continues to laugh*